Welcome to FOGELHUND REGISTERED KENNEL! We are attempting to ensure that the Sporting Breed our dogs represent, actually are "Sporting". This is our means of producing good breeding stock, "Dual Purpose", which can perform not only in the field, but the show or obedience ring and anywhere else that we are finding Shorthairs today. All our puppies are produced from proven, working, healthy stock, which is a key requirement for a competent dog. Our dogs have exceptional temperaments, are well socialized, biddable, avid swimmers and hunters, always striving to please...no matter what task is asked of them. First and foremost, they are "man's best friend", making wonderful family pets.

   Fogelhund translated from German means bird dog. We felt this was a very appropriate name for our kennel.

  Our kennel is registered both with the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. We are active with many recognized German Shorthair Clubs both in Canada and the U.S.A. Our stock is all hip checked and clear. We remain involved with our puppy buyers and assist them with field training at our premises, send out newsletters as well as provide any other assistance they may need (i.e.: showing, obedience). We are recognized by the Purina Pro Club, of Ralston Purina Dog Foods, in their Purina Breeder Referral Service, for having met the highest standards of breeding excellence and having made a commitment to quality.

  Ralston Purina launched the New Millennium off with its' Purina's 2000 Search for Champions. The search consisted of thousands of kennels from across North America, which met certain criteria of Purina, from which 19 kennels were selected. Megan was chosen to represent Fogelhund Kennel. She attended their photo shoot and was used in future ad campaigns for Purina. Megan and I were featured in the 2000 Dogs in Canada Annual. There was an inserted calendar provided by Purina and we were the "calendar girls" for the month of November.

  We have worked diligently at producing our own new lines so we have something different to offer the public. We are the only Canadian kennel that has both American and Canadian hunting titles supported by show and obedience titles consistently on all our dogs. No other kennel has the lineage that we are currently producing. Our breeding stock is clear of hereditary disablement and we guarantee our puppies. We practice a controlled breeding program, producing a limited amount of puppies per year, such that we are not flooding the market with unwanted dogs. Most or all of the litter will be reserved prior to the breeding-taking place. Our puppies are all sold by reservation. We require an application be completed followed by an interview and a deposit to reserve a puppy.

 We hope you  enjoy visiting our site and click on some of our dogs for more details.  If you require any further information relating to our kennel, puppies, stud services, training or just about the breed, please contact us.  Feel free to  return to our site in the future for updates, new litters and new title winners.


Susan Riemer





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